Why am I blogging?

Why am I blogging?

In this blog, I write down my experiences in life. Just those that are worth mentioning. I am not hoping to inspire people, like some of the blogs that I have read which were really inspiring. I am not a professional photographer so my photos are not great. Basically my blog is simple , more like a little diary. This blog is actually for myself. I am a forgetful person and many times I find myself asking my sister of my own past experience. She is like an elephant! Anyway, this blog is so that I don’t forget some of the happy and fun things that I have done. As for the unhappy ones…. its ok to forget them.

So far, I have some posts on my great accomplishments in baking, I just recently found my interest in baking. When I bake, I feel calm and relax. When the cake is in the oven, I am anxious to know whether it will turn out nice. When the cake comes out from the oven, I feel excited. Then finally when I taste it , that will be my report card. If I pass, I feel really happy but if I fail, I will be wondering what went wrong and I will want to try it again. Sometimes it’s such a disaster that I will want to throw the cake and the recipe out!

Then I have some posts about my running… hmm… its not really something that I love doing but I am proud of myself for being able to finish a 10km run. I did it 3 times!! hahaha…. when I was a teenager, I will be out of breathe even after running 1km. So I am allowed to be a little proud here!

There is one category that I haven’t started on and that would be my travels. I have been really lucky to get to see some beautiful places these past few years. Alot of the places that I have been to, I don’t even remember the names now. I know, its really quite a shame. So before I forget even more, I should start recording them down. I will start with the most recent trip and work backwards.

To my friends who read my blog, thank you for your patience. To the rest, I am sorry if it’s not what you expected but thanks anyway.

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