Welcoming the Dragon Year!

It’s a new year! The year of the Dragon 2012! This year, I thought we will do something different:┬áinstead of just having our reunion dinner with the traditional chinese dishes, why not have some dessert to go with it! As usual mom cooked a lot of food for dinner, we had sea cucumber and pork, stir fried kailan, some fancy soup, fried meatballs… what else was there? hmm….anyway, after a nice meal…. we were all ready to try my chocolate cake.

I didn’t know how to decorate the cake, so after some discussion with my sister and brother, this is what I made.I wrote a word! ┬áIt’s “fu” in Mandarin, which means good fortune! Let’s hope that the Dragon year will bring us all good fortune.

Happy Chinese New Year 2012!!! Ah….. I am not good with Mandarin but I know this is upside down. It is symbolic, when the word “fu” is turned around it means the good fortune will come or will return or something like that! hehehe….

Anyway, the verdict for the cake was that there was not enough icing! I reduced the sugar in the cake and I also reduced the amount icing for health reasons…..but apparently I reduced a bit too much! hahaa….. Even though there were some complaints, we still enjoyed the cake and finished it after a few days.

Maybe we will have a new tradition for the years to come and that is to have a nice cake for dessert after a nice a meal!


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