Wah’s birthday cake

I haven’t celebrated Wah’s birthday with her for many years. We’ve been close friends since 13, we were housemates when I was studying in college. Then she got married, had kids and I don’t know what I have been busy with but we seldom hang out anymore. Sometimes I think I am really quite a lousy friend because I am too lazy to keep in touch. Anyway, this year, I promised her that we will meet up on her birthday and have lunch. I really didn’t know what to get her for her birthday. If you ask me, I’d say she has everything! so I decided to bake her a small cake. It was an experimental cake , like all the rest that I have baked so far.


I baked her a 5″ lemon butter cake. Tried making swing meringue buttercream for the frosting. The recipe for the buttercream was from Table for 2 or More . I chose to try this recipe because it didn’t use any shortening which I thought was good. According to Wendy (the blogger) the frosting is quite stable and doesn’t melt easily even in humid weather. Wah loves fruits and doesn’t like cakes that are too sweet. I too do not like cakes that are too sweet. I reduced the sugar for the cake and then I frosted the cake very very thinly and placed lots of fruits!

Happy Birthday Wah! Wishing you good health, lots of happiness and FOREVER 25.

I was relief that the frosting didn’t melt during transportation. I asked the restaurant staff to help me refrigerate the cake while we had lunch. When they got the cake out for Wah to cut it , it was a little frozen. hahaha… they had a really good refrigerator! Oh… and they got her a real 7″ kitchen knife to cut  this tiny cake. (which wasn’t such a bad idea because the cake was so cold)

Like I said, it’s an experimental cake , that is why the frosting on the inside is green. I was playing with colors. Hehe.


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  1. Wah says:

    Thank you my dear!! Altho we seldom catch up recent years, our tempo and wavelength r still the same. Really enjoy yr company. Wishing u lotsa love, laughter and lenglui always

    • chenchensim says:

      HaHa… we do have the same wavelength even though after so many years!So I guess you don’t mind me posting more photos of you on my blog since you didn’t complaint about this one? 🙂 You look great!
      LOVE, LAUGHTERS & LENGLUI…. the 3 important Ls in life! Thanks dear.

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