Veggie Box at the beginning

Never say Never… that is my motto. I never thought I will plant anything ever. I tried planting a long time ago. The nursery person told me that the flower (forgot the name)  is very easy to grow, it is almost like weed. So I had it in a pot and watered it every day for maybe 1 to 2 months.  It flowered beautifully during that time. Well after that, it was history. So I thought I will never plant any more because I do like plants and don’t want them to die in my hands.

Sometime in October 2013, Andrew suggested that we plant some veggies. I love the idea of having homegrown veggies but I wasn’t confident that anything will survive my caring. So with the promise from Andrew that he will help take care of it, we started our project.

Veggie box

Veggie box

Andrew built 2 veggie boxes measuring 2.4m x 1.2m and he filled it with soil. Then he bought some seedlings from Bunnings that same evening. We started with one row of corns, 2 broccoli , 2 cabbages, 2 cauliflower  and lots of bok choy. The other box had a row of 4 different types of cherry tomatoes, silver beet, rosemary, oregano, 4 types of chilli and 2 different strawberries. I have absolutely no knowledge of gardening. All I know is that they need sun and water. So with that, I slowly started to see how fast they grew! We bought pea straw to be used as mulch and that really made a big difference in keeping the soil moist. Before this, I didn’t even know what mulch was for.

cherry tomatoes

cherry tomatoes

The cherry tomatoes grew really fast but no fruits in the beginning. I was eagerly waiting for them to fruit.




rows of bok choy




cabbage, cauliflower and broccoli

My first bok choy harvest

My first bok choy harvest


After about 1 month, we started eating our homegrown veggies. It is really a very satisfying feeling to be able to harvest your own veggie and eat them the same day. Knowing that there is no pesticide sprayed on the veggies makes me enjoy the meal more. Just got to be careful when washing the veggies to remove those bugs and worms! Yuck! Well our veggies may not look as pretty as the market ones but it’s home grown, organic vegetables. We harvested the bok choy whole plant each time and now we have no more bok choy left. Hmm… should have harvest the outer leaves and let the plant keep growing. Amateurs…. so much to learn.

Not too bad for us beginners. Well some successful harvests and some of our bok choy flowered and had pods but we left them to continue to grow. Then we collected the seeds and saved it for next plantation. So it was still good.

homegrown bok choy

2 types of bok choy

I remember buying homegrown strawberries from farmer’s market once and it was so beautiful and flavoursome. Those supermarket ones may look huge but they just don’t compare to the home grown quality. Even though ours were not the best that I have tasted but it did have the beautiful strawberry smell. I am very pleased and happy with them. Look at them, bright red and juicy, don’t they make you smile?

first strawberry harvest

First strawberry harvest


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