Strawberry Sponge Cake


Strawberries are in season now. Sometimes when it is on offer, it can be as cheap as Aud $1 for a punnet. I cant stop myself from buying them. But they do get rotten really quick. So I have to think of something to bake really fast or else I just eat them fresh or worse case is, I have to throw them out.

I have always liked sponge cake with whipped cream and fresh fruits. I remember when I was a teenager, whenever there was a birthday or celebration in school, we will always get the same cake. It was a simple sponge cake which had a layer of canned longan or lychee sandwiched in the middle and then covered with whipped cream and finally topped with fresh fruits like melons and grapes. It was such a simple cake and it was so yummy. But nowadays, I don’t see any bakery selling these cakes anymore. Cakes these days are all so fancy. It’s a tiramisu to new york cheesecake to rich chocolate cakes. No one remembers the simple cake anymore.

Since I recently learnt how to make sponge cake, I was reminded of the cake that I once enjoyed and I thought I will try to bake it. The only difference is that I won’t be using longan or lychee, I will be using strawberries of course.

I got the recipe from Bake Essential Companion recipe book which I borrowed from the library. It was a simple vanilla sponge cake. I was so excited because I have been wanting to use my new 4″ springform tins. I bought them not too long ago because they were so cute.

My 4″ round sponge cakes.

The sponge cake came out really airy and there was a slight dome shape at the top. I wonder if it was because I reduced the sugar. I always reduce the sugar in recipes because it is normally too sweet for me. Sometimes, it turns out great but sometimes it might change the ratio too much and affect the texture of the cake. It was a risk that I was willing to take.

Spreading whipped cream.

I am loving this sweetened whipped cream. I didn’t know that it was so easy to make until now. I am at risk of making them too often and eating too much of it. Ha Ha.

filling it up with strawberries.

I am being very generous with the strawberries. I absolutely love fruits so the more the better.

spreading more whipped cream.

As for the whipped cream, well…everything in moderation, even moderation! Ha Ha…..

Stacking it up.

Tah-dah! My rustic decoration and simple cake. I could have easily finished the whole 4″ cake by myself. Luckily there were people to share it with.

Piling on more strawberries.

Strawberry Sponge Cake for you and me.

With the other sponge cake, I thought I will make it just a little different. I made passionfruit icing and poured it on the cake.I found the sponge cake a little dry but luckily it was really airy and not too sweet. Since it wasn’t perfect, I have to keep searching for recipes and try till I get it right. I found a few which had some slight differences in ingredients and methods. Hopefully I get to try it out soon.

Passionfruit icing on strawberry sponge cake.

There was an extra tart case which I baked a few days back and it was just sitting in the fridge. I thought I should clear some space in the fridge so I filled the tart case with lots of strawberries and then topped it with whipped cream and loaded it with even more strawberries. Basically it is just fresh strawberries and whipped cream again. I should have made some chocolate ganache to fill into the tart but I was too lazy. It’s ok, we finished it anyway.

Strawberries and whipped cream tart.

Giant strawberries.



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