South Melbourne Market

One thing about being here in Melbourne is that we tend to cook very often. Eating out is expensive and sometimes the food is not exactly too healthy. I can have a bowl of chips any time of the day but too much of it, my mom won’t recognize me when I go home. So, cooking is definitely a better option and for that we need ingredients. It brings us to my post today. Our weekly visit to South Melbourne Market.

The market here is quite different to what we would find back home. From the outside, it doesn’t look like a market. Actually neither is the inside. I guess I am used to seeing wet markets in Malaysia. The market here is much cleaner and drier for a start. It doesnt smell fishy and things are all labeled , nicely arranged and priced.

Look at the beautiful colours.

Yes, we are making soup tonight.

The market is only open 4 days a week Sunday, Wednesday, Saturday 8-4pm and Friday 8-5pm.

In the market there are also cafes and even shops that sells crafts.

Comparing the size with my head. Look at how big they all are.

The onion is as big as a tennis ball.

The cabbage is bigger than my head!

Fish! The fish are mostly fillets.

Meat! Lamb, Pork , Beef.  All nicely arranged according to the parts and cuts.

I love bread. Look at this gigantic turkish bread that we got.

Can you spot the happy potato?

Purple eye potato, this one is smiling at me.

I love the colours of the fruits. The navel orange is in season now. It’s so sweet, juicy and cheap too. I am going to have some now. Bye.


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  1. But you can’t get yao ja gwai at this market 🙁

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