Simple Pleasures of Life

How do you like to start your day? For me, I like to start with a cup of morning coffee! It is the most important drink of the day. It wakes me up and gives me the energy to start my day. Hmm….. Even though I only have instant coffee at home, it is still smooth and aromatic. It is good enough for me. With just a simple cup of coffee, I feel I am ready for the day!

My favourite mug! It’s cheerful and it’s big! hahaa…. so I get a big cup of coffee every morning. Oh! and my coaster is from Amsterdam. It is “The Vase of Irises” by ┬áVincent Van Gogh. Got it from the Van Gogh Museum.

It goes well with almost any breakfast. Coffee with biscuits.

Coffee with a slice of cake.


Ah….and sometimes I get to enjoy a second cup of coffee at my Coffee Break time. That will be anytime after lunch and before 4pm. Any later than that, I will be wide awake at 3am!

This time it is real coffee. A glass of Cafe Latte….. hmm…… a nice cup of coffee is best enjoyed when you have nice company, especially with someone who enjoys coffee too. This one was with my sister.

Ah… coffee even goes well with fries.

This is what I call “The Simple Pleasures of Life”, take a break and smell the coffee.


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