Siemens -10km Run 2011

Not long after the first 10km run, my sister registered us in the Siemens Run. This time the run is in KL. The run was quite fun except for one thing. They didn’t close all the roads for the runners therefore we had to share the road with the cars. It was really smelly and I found it hard to breathe. The haze was really bad too. My sister in law was the one who kept motivating us to run. I still don’t think I like running…. but i have to admit, it does feel good to finish the 10km! so… for that, i say thanks LiLi!

The gang in action!


Date:25th September 2011, Category B , Position: 291, Time: 1 hour 19 min 27sec

Determined to get to the finishing line.

Special thanks to the photographer Mr. Jason Lee for the last photo.

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