Seremban Delights

I grew up in Seremban and when you think of Seremban, you think of food! It is famous for all sort of yummy food and nothing else really. Seremban is not a tourist destination. People would go to Malacca for it’s historic buildings and Kuala Lumpur for shopping and modern tall skyrise. Seremban is the capital of Negeri Sembilan, the state in between the famous Malacca and Selangor. Seremban is a small town, so when people come visit, I really don’t know where to bring them to except to enjoy some delicious street food.

I never took the time nor effort to photograph the food that I eat here because it is just something that I can get so easily.  If I was touring somewhere, I will take lots of photos of whatever I eat because I know I won’t be eating that sometime soon or maybe never again. So, the last few days before I left for Melbourne, I went for some local Seremban food that I really enjoy eating and this time I took photos because I know I won’t get to eat them for some time. Once you know you can’t have it, you just crave it!

my favourite cendol

This is the famous one in Seremban town. I think it is the same one that used to be near the Lake Gardens.( I can’t confirm it though) I used to go there when I was a kid. Dad will bring me there and we will stand by the stall while the man shaves the ice into a metal bowl and then tops it with palm sugar “gula melaka” and then pours the coconut milk with cendol over the shaven ice. It is the best thing to cool yourself down in the hot weather! The hawker  stall is no longer there but it is now a big green shop at a corner of the street. The metal bowl is a little thicker than before but the taste of the cendol is still the same. I guess you can always order two bowls. They have fancier cendols on the menu now, there are cendol with corn, cendol with red bean paste, cendol with glutinous rice but my favourite is still “kosong” literally means “empty” or you can say the original which is just cendol.

Beef Noodle Seremban Style

The ever so famous Seremban Beef  Noodle. Many say that the original beef noodle is the one in the market. This one is at Kemayan Square. They are just as good, although some may disagree with me. On weekends, the shop is packed with people from outstation. Yes! People drive all the way from KL or even further for a bowl of beef noodle. Well, it is probably worth the drive because you really can’t get this else where. It’s unique and only be found in Seremban.

Chiew Chow Porridge

Spicy claypot frog

Salted vegetable

Oh… This is absolutely one of my favourite! It’s porridge! hahaha…. boring food? well, I like it. It is simple and delicious when you have it with the salted vegetable and the clay pot frog (田鸡) I had it 2 nights in a row before I came to Melbourne. This restaurant is also at Kemayan Square. The boss is a chinese guy who is always in a white tee and has long black hair. He doesn’t smile much and somehow reminds me of a samurai.

Sar Hor Fun

This is Sar Hor Fun. It is a blanched flat noodle topped with choi sum and char siew. It is quite oily. This stall has been around for many years. They moved from the town to Temiang. This will be a typical street food that locals will have for breakfast or brunch or lunch. You can have it for dinner too but not at this stall because they close early. If I have it for my late breakfast, it will be best enjoyed with a cup of  “Kopi Kaw Pheng” (strong ice coffee).

Choosing my durians.

King of all fruits! Durians! It’s either you love it or you hate it. I love it. There are so many different types of durians these days, but my favourite is still ” kampung durians”  (village durians). It is probably easier to find those cross breed durians than these original village durians now. They are normally very small and have great flavour. I am good at eating durians but choosing durians, this is probably my first time. Normally my dad buys them for me. So I just took a few with the little knowledge that I have about choosing durians. Ha Ha.

Bitter sweet durians

I think i did pretty well with picking the durians. It was creamy and some had really nice bitter sweet flavour.

Unfortunately I didn’t have enough time nor space in my tummy to visit the rest of the yummy food in Seremban this time. So I don’t have more photos to share for now. Maybe I will do a Seremban Delights Part 2 one day with more delicious street food.

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