Savoury Texas Muffins

One lazy Sunday afternoon and we were at home keeping ourselves warm because it is about 9C out there. Didn’t have much to do so I was looking at my bookmarked recipes to find something simple to bake. Ah! Savoury muffins! I have been wanting to try a savoury muffin for a while so this one from seems like a nice recipe for our lunch. This is my first savoury muffin! It was very yummy!

Some of the ingredients that I used.

Mixing the wet to the dry ingredients.

Nicely decorated plate with ketchup.

Photography session took too long, I took a bite!

Ah…took me so long to do up this post, it is already Spring now. Weather seems to be getting better! Lets hope it stays that way. I guess it is about time for another round of this Texas Savoury Muffin!

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