Running in Winter

First time running in winter!

Pei, Kendall,his friend Andrew and I went for a run at Albert Park Lake. The temperature was about 10C and I had only been here in Melbourne for 3 days. I was still not use to the weather. I know we will have to start running soon but it was a scary thought to go running in this weather. Anyway, we thought we will toughen it up and go for it! (we being myself and my sister)

We got to there at around 6.30pm. It was already as dark as 8pm. There were quite a number of people running and most of them were just wearing tee shirts only! I had on one long sleeve tee and a jacket and I was still so cold.

We ran around the lake which was about 5km. Meaning once you start, there is no turning back. We had to finish the whole circuit before we can get back to our car.

The first 2km was like running in the freezer with a fan blowing straight into your face. My hands were freezing cold and I could not feel my nose.

Normally during a run, I will be wiping the sweat off my face, but this time, I was wiping my runny nose instead! Even after the 5km run, I hardly sweat at all. All the sweat that I had was about as much as how I would sweat while eating a hot bowl of laksa in an air conditioned room.

My ankle was hurting the whole time I ran, it’s probably because I was not used to the surface.

It was so cold that I felt it was a little painful in the head, like brain freeze and the ears were frozen. It was also a little difficult to breathe.

If Pei is reading this, she will be saying I am complaining too much. haha…. well, it is not complaining, it is just an observation and I am recording my experience. But after the run, I felt great! as usual. I think  we will have to go for more runs before I can get use to the weather…. or will I ever get use to it?

Not long after our first run came our second run. I finally know how to improve on my time. Run faster! Our second run includes Pei, Kendall, Andrew,Sandy and me. This time it was at the Botanical Garden. The whole time, I was just chasing them and trying not to be left too far behind. It was really tough and I did sweat! This time, I wore 3 layers and wore a cap. The cap was good, at least my brain didnt freeze this time, just my ears. It was a tough run but felt happy once I finished it. Great achievement! (patting my own back!)

Third run and I am still complaining of the cold. Ha Ha… We ran almost 6km today. I think I did good time today but I injured my calf muscle. I need a massage and maybe rest a few days before I start again. Ha Ha! that will be my valid excuse for being lazy.

This is our 4th run, it was raining and we still continued.

7 Comments on “Running in Winter”

  1. After all the running I did in the 30° tropical heat of Malaysia, I think it’s only fair that you run in freezing Melbourne for a while!

  2. Sandy Wong says:

    You are doing great!!!

    • chenchensim says:

      Thanks Sandy for your support! Hopefully I will catch up to your speed one day. One fine day!

  3. Ming says:

    Cool…+ freezing cold chen! I started to exercise now, on the stepping machine, and I sweat like never before!! Yea, Kendall, I know you gonna say something..

    After the sweat, it felt so great!! Will keep going with my plan, enjoy your run, post more picture!

  4. Pei Pei says:

    Well…. I don’t have to say anything about the complaining, do I? hahahah. Anyway, great shoes!!!!!! Certainly won’t lose you in the dark.

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