Running in Spring

I haven’t done a post on my runs for a while now, reason being that I have been lazy and slacking on my runs. I didn’t stop completely but we only ran at most once a week. It gets harder to run after you skip a few weeks. I start huffing and puffing away and then I tell myself, OK I will run more from today onwards. We should run twice a week at the very least but somehow I can think of a million and one excuses not to when it comes time for the next run! Ha Ha….. Then after a week, I really have to run or else I start to feel fat and uncomfortale. Then I huff and puff again…. It’s a vicious cycle, isnt it?

beautiful trees and fresh air.

The cacti garden.

Well, ever since the last race, my timing has slowed down so much that it is so demotivating. But the weather is getting better now. It is Spring! The garden is full of beautiful flowers. It is actually quite nice to run now. At least now my ears don’t feel like they are frozen. I don’t need to wear 3 to 4 layers and feel like Humpty Dumpty. Pei and I would pick the nicest day to go for a run and I will snap some photos with my phone’s camera. They are not great but at least you can see how green and beautiful the Botanical Garden is.

beautiful pond and trees.

The Botanical Garden is so beautiful and there are benches for you to sit and enjoy the view and smell the flowers or look at the ducks swimming in the pond. There is a wide track for people to run and there are water fountains every where if you feel thirsty.

running in the sun feels great.

beautiful water fountain.

Last Wednesday, I ran with Pei, Kendall and Andrew. It is really quite different running with Andrew. He is a great runner. He did his normal run before he joined us (his normal run is like Roadrunner’s speed from Looney Tunes, if you ask me) and he was doing his cool down run with us. I was chasing him all the way. He motivates and pushes us to run. I nearly died when we were a few hundred meters to the end point because he was literally pushing me  on my back to run faster! I don’t think I have ever ran so fast in my life before. Ha Ha…. the last lap pace was only 5min. Thanks Andrew! Thanks everyone for a great run! Now for the next couple of days, I will be walking funny from the muscle aches. It is a great feeling though, it makes me feel like I achieved something and now I can enjoy my piece of cake.

stretching a little after the run.



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  1. Ming says:

    I’ve been running in the gymn for quite some time now. I like the feeling of ‘after your muscle get use to the run, it pushes you to run more’. So, I can’t agree more with what you said.

    If compare with mine, you have better view in the garden, well run more & post more!

    Keep it up! : )

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