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Last year this time, I ran my first race in Seremban Half Marathon where I did a 10km run. I am happy to say that I am still running up till today. On 15th July 2012, Seremban Half Marathon celebrated their 25th year anniversary run. This year, they really improved a lot. They started online registration, they gave better quality tee shirts and had tags for the runner’s shoes. Unfortunately I couldn’t join LiLi and Windy this year but I ran on the same day in Melbourne with Pei and Kendall at The Age Run Melbourne fund raising charity run.

The Age Run Melbourne is a community fitness run for all ages, there were kids running, parents with strollers and senior citizens too. It’s a fund raising event for the charity that you care about. There were about 26000 people who took part that day! They manage to raise AUD1.8million! Isn’t that amazing! Some people  there were sponsored to run and some were running for fun. It was quite exciting to see so many people gather together for a good cause.

I don’t know why the guy in the poster was pointing to the dustbin and smiling. Anyway, that’s the entrance to the expo on the right.

Pei and I collected our race kits at Birrarung Marr, 2 days before the run. There was a health and fitness expo there where they were selling running gear from spibelts to water bottles to fancy sports bras. You would think that all you need to run is a pair of good shoes but today’s technology is so advance that there are so many more gadgets that you can have for running. If only it could make me run faster.

Excited about Sunday’s run.



I see the finishing line… How exciting!!

The area was all setup nicely with lots of portable toilets, as well as rows and rows of dustbins for the event on Sunday. They seem very well organized.

The experience is really very different to running in Malaysia. The race had 3 categories, 21km, 10km and 5km. I am a little ashamed to say that I only did the 5km run. Instead of increasing the distance, I am shortening it from 10km to 7km and now only 5km. Well, my excuse is that this is my first run in such a cold weather.

The 5km run/walk doesn’t start until 10.30am. If it was in Malaysia, you will be melting at that time but here it is still freezing cold. The weather on that day was rather windy too. Pei, Kendall and I walked to St Kilda Road where the race starts. There were 3 waves for the 5km run. For those who think that they can do it under 30minutes starts at 10.30 and then the second wave is for 30-35min and third wave for 35min and more. We went on the second wave.

This is my 5th Race.

Some runners wore fancy costumes and I wanted to take photos of them while I was running but I couldn’t hold the phone steady to get a good shot. I only managed to get one at the end of the race with this furry and friendly couple.

Along the 5km course, there were booths at the sides where there are people singing, bands playing music, a guy playing the violin, all to encourage the runners to run… I think it was so entertaining and also it does keep you going.

At the last 500meters, there was a banner saying “Finish Strong”. Normally I crawl my way to the finishing line but after reading that I speed up like Road Runner from Looney Tunes. My last km pace was only 5minutes! hahaha…. what a motivation.

Me and Pei happily standing in the sun with our medals.

I finished my 5km in 32:06minutes. My 5km position is 1717, for my category Female 30-39 my position is 278 , for all female category my position is 942. Total runners for 5km were about 6000 people. My pace was 6:23minutes per km. Yippie! My personal best!

Ah…. after the run, we went for a big scrumptious late breakfast at Beaumaris. I had 2 poached eggs on turkish bread with bacon and mushroom and a cup of latte. Ah… what a nice day.

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  2. Pei Pei says:

    Rather a lot of work to earn that breakfast hoh? 🙂 There has to be an easier way.

  3. Not a lot of green of that plate!

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