Project: Isaac’s cake Part 2

The challenging part begins on Day 3. From all the research and YouTube watching till late nights, now is when it is all put to practice. I started with the green fondant. Kneaded it till it was pliable. Looks ok so far….

Then I had to roll the fondant big enough to cover the whole cake. I dusted the work surface with powdered sugar + cornflour. Found this tip from the internet , it is suppose to make the fondant less sticky and easier to manage especially in humid places. I think I built a few muscles from rolling the fondant down to about 5mm thick. Now, the challenging part is to lift the heavy fondant with the rolling pin and place it on top of the cake. I manage to place it but the fondant had crack lines and stretch marks , I think it is from having too much powder on the work surface which harden it. Hmm… maybe I shouldn’t have powdered the work surface so much.

As for the race tracks, I used shortening on the work surface which made the fondant more pliable and softer. I struggled a little when trying to place the track on the cake without tearing the fondant. Maybe some expert can teach me a better way of placing it on the cake. I couldn’t find any tip from the internet for this. What I did was I placed the whole baking sheet  with the track fondant on the cake and slowly rolled the paper out from under the tracks. Well, it worked! hahaha…..

I made some cute little signage to decorate the cake.

I was testing out where to put the “Happy Birthday”… on the board or on the side of the cake.

This is the almost finish look, Isaac wants to put the cars on the cake himself, so that will have to wait till the next day. I hope the cake will be ok during transportation, the drive to his place takes about 1 1/2 hours.

This is me , busy at work.

Ta-Dah!! here is the finished look!

The cake kind of sagged a little from the heat…. but it still looks presentable. Phew!! Mission Accomplished! My first Fondant Cake.

Me and my favourite nephew! Happy Birthday Isaac!! Lots of love from your “beh kor”.


10 Comments on “Project: Isaac’s cake Part 2”

  1. Pei Pei says:

    wow!!! it is really impressive! way to go. And I am sure it tasted good as well.

    • chenchensim says:

      Thank you! I am really happy that the cake turned out OK! I enjoyed eating the cake because it wasn’t sweet but I don’t know what others think though.

      • Eddy says:

        I would say the cake looks Great and Very nice contrast. Tasted good as well. You are ready for business hahaha. Thank you for sharing your blog. Cheers. 🙂

  2. Li Li says:

    Tasted yummy and looked good. Isaac couldn’t have asked for a better cake. Well done Chen !

  3. Wah says:

    Splendid! Obvious talent n passion u hv! Isaac so big boy already! Can intro ashley to him?

    • chenchensim says:

      Thanks Wah. I really do enjoy baking,more than I thought I would.
      HaHa… yes introduce Ashley to him, Isaac loves younger kids. He can be quite protective of them too.

  4. The cake looks fantastic – well done Chen!

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