Project: Isaac’s cake Part 1

My nephew’s birthday is coming soon and since I have been experimenting with baking a lot lately, my sister in law suggested that I bake my nephew’s birthday cake. I thought about it for 2 days, it was a fun and exciting idea but it was also a lot of pressure. Why pressure? Well, he is a very lucky kid and every year his parents will get him really beautiful cakes. He had alphabet block cake at the age of 1, then Hi-5 cake for his 2nd birthday, then there were Cars, Ben 10, Angry birds and others which i don’t remember. So you can imagine the kind of expectation the kid will have. Anyway, I took the challenge! haaha… I really hope I don’t disappoint him.

Isaac will be 8 this year. After discussing with LiLi, we decided to bake a cake in the shape of a figure 8, then make race track with fondant and place his toy cars on top. OK, all set with ideas. Now I was busy researching on the internet for methods on covering a cake with fondant. The internet is really quite amazing, especially YouTube! I love YouTube! After researching for days. I decided to bake a chocolate cake with a recipe that I have used before and then frost the cake with chocolate ganache and then lay the fondant on top. Seems easy enough! Ha…Not really, because I have never tried frosting ,never tried making ganache, never seen fondant before except those already on a cake.

Firstly we needed ingredients. LiLi manage to get fondant (even though she had an unpleasant experience at the shop because they were unhelpful and stuck up) Then I went looking for chocolate to make the ganache. I thought I could use normal eating chocolate for it but after asking the lady at the shop (a different shop, much friendlier) she said I needed compound chocolate. Good thing I asked her or else it would have been quite a disappointment when the ganache fails. I also bought alphabet stencils to make his name and eggs, butter , cream etc.

Now all set with the ingredients and tools. I am ready to start on my project.

Day 1

Preparing the cake…. it took a very long time to bake the cake because my oven is really small and I had to bake 4 rounds because I wanted to bake each layer separately rather than cut it in half after baking. Everything went really smoothly until I realized that I needed more batter to make the last layer. No worries, I already bought more ingredients just in case this happens. So, I remix the ingredients…….. reading the recipe again to make sure I got everything. Then I read “4 egg yolks” Oh No!!! I put in the whole egg for the earlier batter!” Arrgghh!!!! Too late to fix it. Just keep fingers crossed that it is still yummy.

Batter looks good. Creamy and soft.

This is the melted compound chocolate. I let it sit overnight to cool down before frosting.

Day 2

Here is compound chocolate that I cut into pieces before melting it. Then I cooled it overnight and started to frost the layers and stack them together. I then cut the smaller cake so that it can join together to form an “8”. I ate the small piece that i cut out, luckily it was still yummy! the egg yolk mistake wasn’t a big issue.


The cake is covered with chocolate ganache. I guess if there is any real baker that accidentally comes to my blog will be focussing on the rough surface and thinking oh no! unacceptable!! ┬áhahaha…. well, I learnt everything from YouTube and its my first ganache frosting. I’ll get better with practice.

Made some cones and board. The cones were not smooth and it cracked too. Will try again!

Ah… so this is Day 1 and Day 2 of Project Isaac’s cake. I refrigerated the cake and will continue with the most exciting part tomorrow, which is the fondant.

Stay tuned………



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