Peanut Glutinous Rice Dumpling (tang yuan)

We have always had 汤圆 “tang yuan” when comes Dongzhi Festival or also known as Winter Solstice Festival. It is suppose to symbolize “reunion” or 团圆 “tuan yuan”. This is when the family members will all get together. I guess it is because the dumpling is round and sticky, just like how family members stay together and stick up for each other.

I was never a fan of  “tang yuan” because the ones we make at home are normally with no filling in it and we have it with just ginger syrup soup. So it is quite boring. But recently, my friend and I went to a cafe and I tried their tang yuan dessert and I liked it very much. It had black sesame paste filling and one with peanut paste filling. It was in hot soya bean milk, which I like very much. I think it is a good combination.

One of the dumpling burst, that is why you can see little floating pieces of peanuts.

This is the one my friend had, it is plain tang yuan with dried longan in soya bean milk.

Then I decided to search for recipes on how to make tang yuan with filling. I found it on rasamalaysia. Go to her blog for the recipe and other interesting malaysian food recipes. This is how mine looks like. Except I didn’t want to make ginger syrup soup and soya bean milk seem like a lot of work so I made red bean soup instead.

The peanut balls waiting to be wrapped by the rice flour balls. The peanuts were not as pasty as required by the recipe. There were still little bits of peanuts in it when cooked.

I made 13 peanut dumplings from half the recipe.

Peanut dumpling in red bean soup. None of them burst! So happy.

Yum! My red bean soup was a little too sweet though, got to remember to reduce sugar next time.

Maybe next time I might try black sesame filling and make the soya bean milk too.

Wishing all families happy reunion even though it is not Dongzhi Festival yet. It doesn’t need to be a festival to appreciate your family. 一家团圆。Literally means “One Family Reunion”

6 Comments on “Peanut Glutinous Rice Dumpling (tang yuan)”

  1. Pei Pei says:

    Yum! I want again.

  2. chenchensim says:

    Sure… Just say when! 🙂

  3. Ming says:

    I also to get the recipe for the peanut filling?

  4. They were pretty good – you’re welcome to make them again any time!

    • chenchensim says:

      Really Kendall? I thought you didn’t like them…. thanks! I think I will be making them again soon.

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