Parkcity 10km Run 2011

3rd Run…This is the Parkcity 10km Run which was on the same day as the Nike Run. We registered for both but decided to run this one because my nephew was taking part in the kids 500m run in the Parkcity Run. It was so much fun to see the children run.They were just so full of energy.

I on the other hand was struggling to get to the finishing line. Well, they don’t call me Drama Queen for nothing…. I fell sick for every run. First run, I had gastric and was lying in bed for 2 days until the last day before the run.Second run, I had food poisoning and this time I had terrible sore throat and flu. I nearly didn’t take part but when I saw my sister and my sister in law all geared up, I felt left out and wanted to go too! haha… so I went.

Yes I made it to the finishing line…. so happy!

Date: 27th November 2011 , Category : D , Postion: 73 , Time: 1:20:57

Thanks to Mr EngTiong for taking this photo.




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