Pandan muffins

What were you doing on 11.11.11? Well, I was at home baking pandan muffins!! This is my first attempt at making them. They turned out quite alright. They smell great, taste good and look pretty too! (thanks to my photographer for making them look so delicious!)


Another great shot by my photographer Pei.

This recipe is adapted from Jane’s Corner.

 Pandan Muffins

I did 2 shares


1 1/2 cup/200g     Self Rising flour ( I used 400g)

1/2 cup/100g        Fine Sugar (I used 135g)

1/4tsp                      Salt ( 1/2tsp)

1                               Egg (2)

 65ml                      Corn Oil (130ml)

100ml                    Coconut milk (200ml)

6 pandan leaves + 130ml water (blended and strain out the juice)( I used 60ml only)


Preheat oven to 180C

Line paper cups on a muffin tray, set aside.

In a bowl, lightly beat the eggs and sugar.

Add in pandan extract, coconut milk, oil, salt and mix well.

Slowly pour in sieved flour into the mixture, mix well.

Scoop the mixture into the muffin cups until 2/3 full.

Bake for 20 to 25 minutes or until a light brown crust appear or cracks out of the muffin top.


I still find it too wet even after reducing the water. Maybe the coconut milk that I used was too thick. Oh! and it was a little too sweet for me , even after reducing the sugar. 


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