Nutty Cookies

I found another interesting blog that has some beautiful photos and recipes. It is called Life is Great! (great tittle too). It’s really quite fun when you find blogs like these, it is like finding a new shop around the corner of your house that sells all your favorite toys and you get to visit it every now and then. Each visit makes you not want to leave.

This nutty cookie that I made is mostly by following her recipe. The photos from her blog really captivated me and I immediately wanted a piece of cookie! I made some changes to it because I didn’t have the blueberries nor the pecan that were required and I had more nuts at home than I thought I did. Since I was greedy, I used all sort of nuts!

I don’t even remember what kind of nuts I had in there!

I nearly couldn’t get the cookie to stick together because I had so much nuts. That’s the problem with being greedy.

Out from the oven! Looks golden brown.

It is actually quite yummy! Thanks Pick Yin for inspiring and sharing your recipes.


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  1. Ming says:

    Got cha! keep the momentum going! 🙂

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