My Lemon Tree

Do you have something that you have always wanted but kept waiting for the right moment to get it? Well for me, I have always wanted a lemon tree. It has been on my list for a long time.

Home grown lemons.

Many years back, I visited a friend’s house and she had a small lemon tree in her garden which had so many fruits. It was so beautiful and ever since then, I told myself that I will plant a lemon tree when I have my own house one day. But that was more than 9 years ago and I still have not planted a lemon tree because I still don’t have a house of my own yet.

That’s me in Summer 2003

In 2012, I am back in Melbourne and this time I was captivated by the lemon tree at Julie’s garden. It had so many fruits even though it was winter. Julie lets us pluck them and bring them home. We have constant supply at home for whenever I want to bake anything with lemons and they keep very well too. I love lemons.

Bright and yellow Eureka lemon.

At the nursery in Winter 2012

Life is short and you shouldn’t wait till the stars are all aligned to do things. So I was determined to get a lemon tree this year since it is easily available here in Melbourne. Even though I don’t have a garden it was still possible to have a dwarf lemon tree planted in a pot.

I went shopping at the nursery one day with my sister. The lady there said that it will take probably 2 to 3 years before you see any fruits, I was disappointed to hear that because I might already be back in Malaysia before it starts fruiting. So I thought I should give up and wait another 10 years.

My baby lemon tree.

To my surprise, I got a lemon tree for my birthday!!!! Wow!! It was a real surprise. It was such a thoughtful present! They got me something that I have wanted for more than 9 years. Thanks Julie & Rob. I just hope I can take good care of it and maybe it will fruit sooner than what the lady said. I have absolutely no idea on how to take care of any plant. I searched the internet on how to take care of lemon trees. Mine is an Eureka lemon tree. So far, what I know is that the most important thing is they need sun and water. Since I am not good with plants, I got to set reminders on my phone to water it. Ha Ha…. Wish me luck.

Ending this post with a quote “When life gives you lemons, make lemonade….. or lemon tarts”

lemon tarts


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