Mom’s birthday cake

My sister was complaining that we will all gain too much weight from all the cakes that I am baking. She requested that I research on healthier recipes but has to still be delicious. I found this recipe for a flourless chocolate cake from thelittleteochew where she said it is a must try recipe. I am not sure how healthy it is but at least it’s good that there is no flour in the recipe.

Oh no! The cake cracked right in the middle and the top layer was a little burnt.

Popped the cake out from the tin and flipped it onto a board. It looks much better now.

I frosted the cake with chocolate ganache and placed as many almonds as I can around the cake. (I guess it is not as healthy as I initially thought it would be)

Ah..that’s me trying to keep my hand steady as I wrote “happy birthday mom”

HaHa… mom and Isaac struggling to cut the cake because it was still quite cold from the fridge. Happy Birthday MOM! Wishing you good health and happiness! Love you.

Look at how moist the cake is! I am so happy that I tried this recipe. My sister said it’s the best chocolate cake ever! (FYI she seldom gives such nice compliments!) so this recipe is definitely a keeper. Thanks to thelittleteochew for the detailed explanation and recipe.Thanks Pei for such a big compliment! Yes, I will pass you the recipe.

This is all that’s left the next day! and “Happy” is the word to describe how I am feeling now.

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