Lemon Macarons

Macarons! Beautiful round and smooth tops, all the colours that you can imagine, with a range of different fillings and topping designs. I read that macarons originated from Italy in the 16th Century but there are debates that it originated from France, so I am not sure. Today the craze for macarons has made it quite impossible to miss it when you go to malls or shops down the street.

Even though macarons are so famous, I have never tried any until 2 weeks back. I guess I have always known that macarons are quite sweet so I was never eager to try it until recently because I wanted to try make it. It will be difficult to make something when you don’t know what you are making.

So one fine day, my sister and I went for a cup of hot chocolate and I ordered one lemon macaron to try. Hmm…. it was very yellow and indeed very sweet. The lemon filling was a little too sweet for my liking. But at least now I know the texture of a macaron. It is crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside.

I went to the library and got a book called “Secrets of Macarons” by José Maréchal. Read it and realized that there are actually a lot of techniques involved in making a nice macaron. It looked really difficult to get it right. Everything has to be so precise. I put the book away and thought that I will try it when I am a little more confident with my baking. So the book sits there and stares at me everyday with its beautiful pictures of macarons! OK fine I will give it a go.

I told a friend of my intention of making macarons and she gave me a few tips…. and they were good tips because it wasnt in the book. So… instead of using the recipe from the book, I used my friend’s recipe.

This is when I let the macarons sit to dry. It took longer than 30minutes though.

You can still see bits of almonds on the macaron shells, that is because I don’t have a food processor here so I couldn’t blend it to make it finer. I used yellow colouring in the macaron but I guess I used too little. Cant see any yellow!

The lemon filling recipe was from the Secrets of Macaron book. It is lovely. Not too sweet. I was worried that the filling was too soft when I piped it on the macaron. But it was ok after resting in the fridge overnight. I actually didn’t know that macarons were supposed to rest a day for better taste.

Ah… this photo was taken by my sister. Thanks Pei.

The macarons were quite nice according to those who tried it. My dessert critic said that it was good but not great… so now my challenge is to make it great! Today I borrowed Pierre Hermé’s “Macarons” and Adriano Zumbo’s “Zumbo”  from the library. Let’s see if I can make it better.

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  1. Pei says:

    This photo? Or most of these photos? Hahaha u r welcome, they were yummy.

  2. I seem to recall that your dessert critic managed to eat quite a few!

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