Krabi Part 3

ah…. Part 3 of my Krabi trip. After 4days with my sister in Krabi, we checked out of our hotel but we didn’t fly home just yet. We took a tuk tuk to another hotel!! We checked in to Ananta Burin Resort. It is a very nice resort with a lovely pool. Perfect for families with kids. Yes! part 3 is a family with kids holiday! A big group was coming to meet us! 4 pairs of parents with a total of 6 kids! Kids ranging from a baby of 8months up till 8 years old. They were all my close friends and family.

It was a very different holiday to Part 1 & 2, it was a noisy and cheerful atmosphere! The kids were running around and having so much fun. Going out for dinner with 15 people was not easy. Luckily everyone was very understanding and easygoing so deciding on where to eat, what to eat didn’t take long at all. We had a long table and had to order a lot of food! We were also the loudest at the restaurant. Ha Ha!

The next morning, we had buffet breakfast at the hotel. Then the kids were so eager to go for a swim in the pool. They seem to b so full of energy and so carefree. The adults were just taking turns to take care of the kids and chit chatting at the same time. It was nice to meet everyone because we seldom get to see each other. As usual, everyone is busy with their own things and finding time to meet up is hard and once they have kids, it gets harder.

Unfortunately, my sister and I were booked to leave that afternoon. So we packed up and said good bye to everyone  after breakfast and took a taxi to the airport. After a short flight ,we were back to the real world.

My Krabi Part 1,2 and 3 have been a real bonding holiday with girl friends (part 1), sister (part 2) and close friends with kids (part 3). I am really grateful to have all of you as my friends and family. Thank you for a great time! I hope we can keep in touch more often.

Cant even get one shot of them not moving.

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  1. Pei Pei says:

    It was certainly fun, and well planned to have 3 holidays in one!!!! Well done!

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