Krabi Part 2

Hmm… took me a while to continue with part 2 of my Krabi trip.

Part 2 starts after my 4 girl friends left on that Sunday afternoon, they checked out and I rechecked in to the same hotel.Then my sister arrived 2 hours later. So part 2 of Krabi was with my sister. We have both have been to Krabi before, she more than once, so this trip we planned to do a scuba course. We wanted to get a license and I wanted to tick something off my list of things to do before I die! haaha…So we surveyed and decided to join this school which was owned by a German guy. We paid a deposit and I was so excited and nervous at the same time! We were given a book each to study before the theory class the next morning. He said we had to do 3 chapters! It was already 9pm when we left his place. We wasted no time, went back to the hotel and started reading the book until my eyes were just too heavy to stay open.

The next morning, the scuba school sent someone to pick us up and off we went. There were only 2 of us for that day. Theory was boring and after it was finally over , we headed to the pool .We geared up! with the wetsuit, mask, snorkel, regulator, fins and the tank. The tank was so heavy! After putting everything on, I felt really clumsy. Once in the pool, the instructor who was an English guy started teaching us how to breathe with the regulator , how to use the snorkel, how to clear the water out of the regulator , snorkel and the mask. Then we moved on to harder safety skills. We had to learn how to share our air supply ┬áif your buddy ran out of air. The instructor turned off my air supply (without telling me) and after a few seconds I felt i couldn’t breathe!!! It was a scary feeling! I was supposed to do some hand signals to ask for air from my buddy but I didn’t even know what signal i gave my sister but quickly took her spare regulator for air!

After the day’s lesson, both of us felt really overwhelmed and not confident at all for the next day where were were suppose to go to open sea. I didn’t feel excited anymore, I only felt nervous. Do I really want to do this? Do I really want to see Nemo that much? hmmm……. Will I regret not going? We thought for a long while and in the end decided to chicken out. I guess I can’t actually tick it off my list but at least I sort of attempted scuba. Good enough for me.

Oh well, the rest of the trip was not wasted, we went to Phra Nang beach and did snorkeling instead. I felt relaxed and light! I felt in control. Oh I saw fish! heheh…. but no Nemo. We took lots of photos , we ate delicious road side food, we got a tan even though we loaded ourselves with sunblock! Haha…… Overall I had an experience with scuba and I had fun after that!

Yummy tom yam kung, cashew chicken, fried rice and fried morning glory or was it kale? hehe… don’t remember.

thats me, snorkeling.

our fancy lunch at Phra Nang beach.

Sisters ….. oh and my new bag from Krabi.

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