Krabi Part 1

For my first post on Travels, I will talk about my trip to Krabi in March 2012. This is a special trip because it is made up of 3 parts.

Part 1 of my trip was with 4 old school friends. We have known each other since we were teens and we have been friends ever since. Today, we all live our own busy lives and it is so difficult to find time to get together. Thanks to Ming who organized the whole trip, from air ticket to hotel stay and even fun activities while we were there. It was a weekend holiday because some had to rush back to work on Monday. We had 2 nights and we really enjoyed ourselves there. We went for hawker food by the road side, we had so many plates of Som Tam (papaya salad) , BBQ corn, mango salad, fresh coconut drink and freshly cut mangoes.

Som Tam

BBQ corn

Freshly cut mangoes

We went for massage at this place called “Let’s Sea, Let’s Relax” which is right opposite Mc Donalds at Ao Nang. I have been to this place before on my first visit to Krabi and it was very a pleasant experience. I confidently suggested this place  to my gal friends. We all did 2 hours oil massage. I guess because it was the peak season in Krabi, the business was so good that we had to make appointment to do our massage at the last slot 8pm. Anyway, because they were packed with customers, they imported some masseurs from other parlours. I was the unlucky one who got a masseur from elsewhere, the massage was terrible. I felt like a a dough being kneaded for 2 hours!

The next day, we went to Pra Nang beach by long tail boat which cost us 200Baht each return ticket. The ride was about 15minutes and we saw some beautiful islands along the way. The sun was really hot and the beach was packed with tourists. Being asian, we are quite afraid of the sun and kept looking for shades. hahaha…. Finally we decided to sit in a restaurant for drinks. This restaurant is really fancy, the tables and chairs were placed on the beach right next to a cave and facing the beautiful sea and island view. We had some wine, talked and laughed and took lots of photos of us in bikini. We left at around 2pm and went back to Ao Nang for some food. Then we headed back to our resort and dipped in the pool to cool down. Did I mention that the sun was very strong? well… it sure was….

i forgot the name of the restaurant.

5 ladies….

We stayed up till quite late that night, chit chatting away and watched some funny you tube videos on our phones. Hahaha we just can’t live without the modern technology. Luckily the wifi at the Sunda Resort was quite strong. One of my friend couldn’t stop checking her Facebook’s latest updates.

The next morning, we went to McDonalds for breakfast because the buffet at the resort wasn’t very appetizing. Well, McDonalds wasn’t a lot better either. Then we went back to the resort and it was time to check out. The girls were leaving that afternoon. 2 days went by too quickly . We all enjoyed ourselves very much. I really cherish our friendship and hope that one day we will be able to do this gal trip again. Thank you all for a wonderful holiday.

As I said earlier , the girls left that day. I stayed back for part 2 of my holiday which I will talk about in my Part 2 post.


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