Christmas in Melbourne

December in Melbourne is a colourful month. Everywhere you go, you will see some Christmas decoration or some activity going on. There is even a Melbourne Christmas Map which shows you where the decorations will be.

There is the famous Myer windows where they have beautiful Christmas themed display. It should be a tradition by now for people to bring their kids there to look at them. I couldn’t recognise the theme but I liked the little frogs which were on every corner of the display. They were tiny and the detail works were beautiful.

Froggy family dinner

Time for presents

Myer Christmas Windows

Even the barriers that were used to cover up some construction that was going on at Swanston Street was Christmasy! hmm…. maybe they were preparing some Christmas decorations in there. There was a nice red mailbox specially for letters to Santa! I’ve seen that a long time ago when I celebrated my first Christmas here in Melbourne. I have never written a letter to Santa before. A little tempted to write Santa a letter, I wonder if it is only for kids. Oh well, there is still a kid in me so I guess that should count for something. What will I write though?

Swanston Street

Letters to Santa


Flinders Street Station is wishing everyone Merry Christmas

Ah… I was right, it was a Christmas thing that was going on behind the construction that was covered up at Swanston Street. It is called the Christmas Square, where there is a tall Christmas tree, huge soldiers and Santa was there taking pictures with the kids and a lot of Santa’s helpers too. There was a long queue to take photos with Santa. I wanted to queue but figured I was probably a bit too old to be sitting on Santa’s lap.


Christmas Square

One saturday afternoon, I went out with my friend Emi to see an exhibition on gingerbread houses at the city town hall. It was a really hot day with the temperature up to 37˚C. There were so many people in the city, everyone loves the sun so much but I was so afraid of the heat and UV, I applied so much sunscreen before I left home.





Melbourne Town Hall

I was a little disappointed that there were only a few gingerbread houses on display but then again, they were really cute and colourful. Even though there were only about 7 or 8 houses on display, they were all quite extravagant. There was a football stadium, one with a nice train track, one of Lunar Park, one of Shrek’s castle and one which looks like a row of shop houses.

Train track gingerbread

Lunar Park

Cute shops


Jingle Bells on Bourke Street

The Southbank Promenade had a long table and a lot of chairs set up one afternoon and I was wondering what luncheon was going on there. I went closer to look and saw a sign there that states “This table has been set to remember 257 people who lost their lives on Victorian roads this year. They will be missed this Christmas, as they are every day. We have set this table as a reminder to drive safely and to take extra care on the road this holiday season.” How sad but then it is an effective way to remind people to be more careful on the road.


Southbank Promenade

The Southbank Pedestrian Bridge which crosses the Yarra River was transformed into a romantic bridge called the Mistletoe Kissing Bridge. The bridge is beautifully lit at night with couples just enjoying the breeze and the view of the river and obviously kissing under the mistletoe. The bridge is always busy but I manage to get a shot of it early one morning where it was still quiet and peaceful.


Peeping through the trees to see the bridge


Mistletoe Kissing Bridge

This post was suppose to be ready before Christmas so that I can wish everyone Merry Christmas but unfortunately I couldn’t finish it in time. Here is our very innovative Christmas tripod and what you see here is my Christmas present from Andrew. It was such a thoughtful present. Thank you. Oh! the cute skirt I am wearing is a present sewn by Pei.


My Christmas present under our tree


Had a beautiful Christmas at Kendall’s parents’ place. Lovely meal prepared by Rob and Julie. Beautiful and thoughtful presents too. Here are some Christmas Fruit Cakes that Pei and I made for them to enjoy! Yes, they enjoyed it, not us because we both don’t like fruit cakes. Ha Ha!

Hope everyone had a great Christmas and wishing everyone a happy and wonderful new year! Welcome 2013!


Christmas Cake


Snowman Christmas Cake



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  1. Ming says:

    Seems like you had a great Aussie Christmas!! Like all the pix, especially the chairs for those that left.

    You looked so Happy!!
    And welldone for the cakes, so NICE!!

    • chenchensim says:

      Thanks Ming.
      I had a good Christmas and really enjoyed making the cakes. Hope you had a wonderful Christmas too.

  2. Rachel says:

    Nice photos!!! Love the cakes you baked too!! They were just too cute!!!

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