Sydney July 2012

The last time I visited Sydney was probably more than 10 years ago. This time, I was there to visit my friend Hui Ling and not so much tour around Sydney.

I got there on a Sunday. Hui Ling, her husband Colin and their lovely son Ryan were there at the airport to welcome me. The first words that Ryan said to me was “no no” when I offered to carry him. Ha Ha! so cute.

We went to The Rocks for late breakfast. The place was just as I remembered, busy and packed with lots of tourist shopping for handmade crafts. We took a short stroll and we went on to take some classic photos of the Sydney Opera House to mark that I was there in Sydney!

The icon of Sydney – The Sydney Opera House.

Beautiful weather in Sydney. We had our sunnies on.

Another famous icon- Sydney Harbour Bridge.

We went for Yum Cha the next day. ┬áHere they call it “yum cha”, back in Malaysia we will say let’s go for “Dim Sum”. I originally thought that Hui Ling was suggesting we go for a drink somewhere when she said Yum Cha. The restaurant was so busy even though it was a Monday afternoon.

Har Gow, Siew Mai and pork ribs.

The overflowing sauce from the pi-pis. She gave us so much.

Tuesday we went to Bondi beach. Hui Ling made reservations at Iceberg Restaurant. It was such a nice and fancy place. The view was spectacular. We sat near the window which overlooks the beach. Service was really good too. The food was lovely. It was a real fine dining experience for me. I had a glass of Pinot Noir Rose which was ordered by Hui Ling because I know nothing about wine. haha. It was a relaxing and serene experience to sip wine while enjoying the view and be in good company.

Wine & Dine with spectacular view.

Me enjoying my wine.

My appetizer, smoked trout with quill eggs.

My main was a mushroom pie on kale.

Beautiful Bondi Beach.

Deep in thoughts….Is she going to jump?

I am so red from the wine.

That’s not all the good food that I had in Sydney. Hui Ling’s mother in law is an amazing cook. Oh… if I stayed there any longer I will surely go up a few sizes. We had vietnamese spring rolls and fried glass noodle with huge prawns that night and the next night was even more extravagant, we had beef rendang, chicken curry, nasi lemak with the fried anchovies, roasted peanuts, fresh cucumber, hard boiled eggs and even “achar” (pickled vegetables) with prawn crackers!! Feels like Chinese New Year! hahaha…..

Vietnamese Spring rolls.

Fried Glass Noodles with prawns.

Look at all the delicious food.

Ryan is such an intelligent and cute boy. He is learning to talk and he can even count up to 19 or was it 20? He is not even 2 years old yet. I can’t really understand some of the things he says but his favourite words to me were “Bye Bye” and “No No” which he pronounced perfectly! oh! I also love how he says “frog”, so cute.

Its hard to take photos of children. This is Ryan blowing a kiss to mummy!

Wednesday, my last day in Sydney. Hui Ling’s house is so beautiful and comfortable that I didn’t want to go anywhere that day. I stayed home, watched a movie and made some strawberry cream custard. I was playing “masak-masak” in Hui Ling’s beautiful and fully equipped kitchen. Hope they enjoyed the dessert that night as much as I enjoyed making it for them.
Thanks Hui Ling for a wonderful and memorable trip. It was nice to catch up with you and also to meet your family.