Riding a bicycle

Hmm…what happens when you tell your boyfriend that you wish you can ride a bicycle? Well, mine made me do it.

When I was a kid, my dad bought us a tricycle and it was so fun to ride on but that only means one thing, I never wanted to try a bicycle. So I grew up not knowing how to ride a bicycle. It has always been on my list of things to do before I die but as I grew older, the fear got greater and the more I wanted to remove it off my list. I thought forget it, I will drive.

But when Andrew heard that I can’t ride a bicycle, he was determined to make me do it. On his birthday he said we are going to Albert Park to cycle. How do I say no when he asked me on his birthday. So I braved up and went. We rented the town bicycle and started our lesson.

Evil coach or loving boyfriend?

Evil coach or loving boyfriend?

Initially he held on to the back of the bike while I tried to pedal. That was fine because I know he is holding on to the bicycle but when it was time to try it on my own, that was when the fear really began.

I was on the bike and I didn’t even dare to take my feet off the ground. One foot on the pedal and the next one was just reluctant to lift off. My hands were holding on the the handle for my dear life. When I said the fear got greater, it was the fear of falling and because I am not a kid anymore, whatever wounds would take forever to heal. Worse is it might leave a scar! (Yes, I am vain). Andrew said give yourself a small kick start with the other foot and start to balance the bicycle. My whole body was so tense and both feet were off the ground for a few seconds before I stomped both feet down again.

After about half an hour, I finally managed to ride the bicycle for about 10 seconds. Achievement! haha… Oh these bicycles are just so heavy, I think they are probably heavier than me. By now my hands had some small blisters forming and I was more excited and thought that maybe I can do it. So I continued trying.

This is too hard.

This is too hard.

The pedals knock my legs everywhere because I didn’t know how to stop properly. I will deal with the bruises tomorrow. Now, I tried it again and again…. Oh! by the way, it was rather embarrassing when people at the park were looking at this not so young woman trying to cycle. But one man actually yelled out to me ” You can do it!” haha…. thanks!!

I am cycling

I am cycling

After a few more attempts and more knocks and bruises, I finally can say that I am cycling. Yay!! I am cycling!!! My feet were off the ground for almost 1 minute. I can cycle! Doesn’t mean I can control the direction I was heading but I don’t care, most importantly I am cycling!


The excitement when I was actually cycling


I am exhausted.


The last photo Andrew took when I rode into him.

The next day, my whole body was aching from my neck down to the last toe. All the tensing up really didn’t help and there were quite a few bruises too. Hahaha….. but doesn’t matter, I can cycle now.¬†Thanks evil coach for encouraging me and actually making me do it.