Veggie Box grows

Sometimes I think plants don’t move much and gardening must be for the really patient person. But it’s amazing how fast these veggies have grown. I guess time flies without me realising it sometimes.

We are not the only ones who appreciates the green, we have little visitors too! These rabbits are so cute but not when they munch on my veggies. I named the rabbits Satay! hehe! Don’t let me catch you! ( Just kidding! I am not eating him)


Satay! Don’t eat my veggies.






Giant Silverbeets


The silverbeets were huge, they were almost ready to be on the film set for “Jack and the beanstalk” in case the beans were not co-operating.


Funny looking cauliflower

Can’t say that the same for the cauliflower. They looked weird. I have never seen cauliflower looking like this before.  It’s so sparse! Haha…. But we were hopeful and left it to keep growing. Luckily the broccoli looks good. It took a while to get to this size though. Let’s give it a bit more time to grow.





Spinach is going crazy too! But it is not the spinach that I thought we planted. I don’t know this spinach, the spinach that I buy from the market are darker green, small and shorter. But I am still happy to eat them. It is actually quite nice. I tried stir frying them with garlic and salt , it was nice. Then I had search on the internet to find more ways of cooking it. Nowadays, I just use them in almost anything. I added them in my kim chi fried rice today and it was yummy!




Oh! the cabbages are forming! Yippie! They take up a lot of space in the box though. The corns are getting taller too.

This veggie box is really starting to grow on me. I hate the bugs and the dirt but I love the veggies. Good thing I have a gardener who is taking care of it for me. My duty is to harvest them and cook them. Hehehe. Oh! and eat them.