Boyd Library

People who know me will know that I am not a bookworm. It is a little embarrassing but it is true, I don’t read much. The funny thing is I used to be a librarian in school. I guess I must have thought that if I stared at the books long enough, I will learn to like reading them. In actual fact, the books were staring at me most of the time and the spell didnt work.
Now, I am so excited that there is a new library just a few hundred meters away from where I live. It is the BOYD library. They just opened in July this year.  The bow on the building is for the opening ceremony day. We went a few days before the opening to take some photos of the huge bow . It was a like a big welcoming present for me because I just arrived in Melbourne not long then.

Boyd Library, Southbank

Opening my present.

The libraries here are really quite amazing. You can borrow up to 50 books at one time. You can have them for 3 weeks. You can log on to their website to find a book, reserve a book, renew your book and even suggest a book for the library to buy. When the book that you reserved has arrived at the library, they email you a notification to go collect it. They even send you a reminder email that a book is nearing its due date. When you borrow a book from the library, all you need to do is scan the book yourself and take it home. It’s so simple. I still remember back when I was a librarian, there was a card in each book and when someone borrows a book, you will need to fill in the details on the card before giving them the book. Now it is all so advance and so easy. Not only is the library technologically advance, it is also very comfortable to sit and relax with a cup of coffee and a good book.

Sitting area at Boyd Library

Sit back and enjoy.

Why am I excited about the library?  No, I am still not a bookworm but I did find a section in the library that I really like. The Baking section. There are so many books to choose from. I feel like taking them all home. HaHa. I don’t get bored looking at recipe books. The craziest thing is I can get up at 7am and start reading and comparing recipes. I have never been so hardworking before in my life. I will compare the ingredients, compare the baking method and I really like looking at the pictures. Not much reading involved there.

All mine for 3 weeks.

Bake, Bake, Bake.

I wonder if the library will be shock to find that the Baking section is really low on books now because they are with me.

Comparing recipes

I have tried a few recipes from these books, some came out pretty good. There are so many more that I want to try but I have to take it slow or else I will look like a balloon very soon.

 I guess when I was young, I was staring at the wrong section of books.

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