Azlinda’s photoshoot make up

I have been wanting to do a post on the make ups that I have done but it can be quite a difficult task. I don’t always get to have my sister to be my photographer for the day. So most of the time, I will take the photos with my little camera and there is a chance I will take a blurry photo or the lighting is not good enough for a nice shot. Then I also feel that there is a need to ask for permission from the bride to post her photos. Another thing is, most of the brides will go home to put on their gowns and full accessories, so I don’t get to see or take photos of the complete look.

So with Azlinda’s make up, I took some photos with my little camera and sure enough the photos were blurry… but fortunately Azlinda was so kind as to send me some photos from her photoshoot and also gave me permission to post them on my blog. Thank you, Azlinda. As with all my make ups, I hope she liked it.


I like this photo the best. Azlinda has a really sweet smile and the make up looks very natural.

I cropped the original photo to get a closer look of the make up. (I hope her husband doesn’t mind that I took him out of the photo for this one)

Ah…. the happy couple.

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