Autumn flew by

It has been so long since I did a post, I almost forgot my password. We are now in the last month of Winter and I just want to do a quick post about Autumn. I love Autumn, I guess it is because of the beautiful changes in colour which I see everyday. The trees are all multicoloured , some with withered leaves which are still beautiful lying on the ground.


All shades of green



Beautiful Day

One morning I went to Bacchus Marsh and visited the fruit shop. Pumpkin must have been in season, there were so many kinds of pumpkin. Different shapes, sizes and colours! Knowing me, I had take  photos. The orange colour pumpkin was almost four times the size of my head! and my head is known to be quite a good size.


Pumpkin for sale



Some turning red


dry leaves on the ground


Changing to yellow at Southbank

What else did I do in Autumn? Ah…. the Moomba Festival was fun. There were fireworks three nights in  a row and everyone just sat on the grass by the river and enjoyed the atmosphere. In the day, there were rides where children of all ages will play. There were mini concerts by local artists, the crowd sat under tents and enjoyed the music. It is a yearly event and I hope I can come again next year.


Moomba Festival 2013


Moomba Festival 2013

Melbourne city is full of activities and things to see. Just walk along Bourke Street Mall and you are sure to see buskers parading their skills. Musician and singers performing live. Magicians and artists with amazing talents. The one that caught my attention was this one where four men stood there and didn’t move. Only one guy moved and was whispering to the other guys. The three guys didn’t move at all. After observing for a few minutes, I realised that they three were mannequins, no wonder they didn’t move. But it was still a very entertaining performance or should I call it art?


who is real?

Easter was also in Autumn and this year I decided to celebrate Easter like Australians. I bought the chocolate easter eggs before Easter! HaHa! But I did buy more after Easter when they were on 50% discount. No one complains about more chocolates, right?


Easter eggs


Easter bunnies

Before the weather got colder, I did a few runs. This is called “enjoy the weather while it last”. Walking back after the run, we pass by Southgate where the paintings on the walls were very artistic. Not sure who the artist is but really creative work.


Cool art

Melbourne Food and Wine Festival had a coffee workshop and booth in Southbank. I didn’t join the workshops but I did buy coffee from them one morning. I had skinny latte and the barista showed his skill and made me a tulip or was it a heart shape coffee art. It was beautiful. What better than a hot cup of coffee on a cold morning.


Coffee art

After hot coffee, we need hot food. Found this really good Korean restaurant in the city. It was hot and spicy. We had kimchi jigae which is the kimchi soup and their famous hot plate chicken with cheese. A satisfying meal.



Kimchi jigae


hot plate chicken and cheese

Ah…. end of Autumn and I have to say Autumn really just flew by so quickly, like the weightless dry leaves in the air. Thank you Autumn for bringing me joy and filled my days with lots of colours.


Last leaf of Autumn


Autumn Cookies


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