Almond puff fingers

I saw this almond puff fingers on a blog and thought that it might be a good idea to make them for Chinese New Year because it seemed so easy to make and it looked really yummy too. Only 2 more days to Chinese New Year and here I am still experimenting with new recipes. haha! Anyway, after much effort in finding the puff pastries from Tesco, I started baking them that night. Sure enough it was easy to make , the only thing was it took quite a long while in the oven but once they were out of the oven, they vanished in less than 2 minutes! Ah! it was a hit!

So next was packaging! I wanted to make them look like they were bought from a bakery. I wasn’t sure if the puff pastries will stay crispy in these bags but I wanted to give it a try. I folded the plastic bags and sealed them with candle flames and also resealed with sticky tape. Then decorated them with red ribbons. It looks believable that it was bought from a store, don’t you think? But unfortunately the puff pastries got soft the next day when we opened a bag to test. So, I didn’t give the nicely decorated bags to anyone. I will rebake them and I am sure it will still be delicious.


Recipe adapted from Table for 2 or more


2 packet      Kawan brand 4″ x 4″ puff pastry (10 pieces per pack)

4tbsp           Egg white

4tbsp           Fine sugar

200g           Almond flakes

4tbsp          Fine sugar



Mix egg white with 4tbsp of sugar

Peel plastic sheet of the top of the pastry and spread egg white mixture evenly on the top of the pastry.

Sprinkle almond flakes all over the pastry

Top with a little egg white (helps to stick the almonds onto the pastry)

Replace the top plastic sheet and lightly press almond onto the pastry. 

Remove the upper plastic sheet and sprinkle some sugar over the almonds. 

Put pastry into the freezer for half and hour to set the topping

Preheat oven to 180C 

Cut into 8 pieces , place them slightly apart on baking sheet. 

Bake for 10minutes on 180C and another 15-20 minutes on 140C (until golden and crispy)

Note: Best eaten when freshly baked.

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  1. WendyinKK says:

    Glad that this was a hit!
    These babies needs to be kept air tight and Malaysia’s humidity isn’t very friendly to them.

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