25 again!

Ah…. I am 25 again! 🙂

It’s such a beautiful day. The day started with a beautiful and yummy breakfast made by my beloved sister. It was a teddy bear pancake with fresh strawberries, bananas and maple syrup and beloved brother in law bought cafe latte from the shop downstairs. I had more than one teddy of course.

Then there was a call from the delivery man who had something for me. I went down to the lobby and there was a deliveryman holding a huge bouquet of flowers! I have never received such a big bouquet before. It was so beautiful. I instantly knew who it was from. It was from my dearest friends. Friends I have known for more than 20 years. hmm…… Does that mean I knew them when I was 5? yea… that is about right. Ha Ha! Thank you all for the thoughtful present. Thanks Mee Ching, Hui Ling, Ming, Sandy and Sin Hui. 你们是最好的。The flowers are still fresh and the lilies are now starting to bloom. I guess the weather here does help to keep them fresh for longer. Oh! The little puppy soft toy is so adorable.

The day continued with more activities, Pei and I were driven to a session of relaxing massage. It was exactly what I needed as I pulled my shoulder muscle the night before. The hour went by too quickly but I enjoyed every minute of it. Thanks Kendall for the lovely present.

Since I am so enthusiastic about baking now, I made my own birthday cake. It was a flourless rich dark chocolate cake topped with dark chocolate ganache. Absolutely devine but my throat is sore now from eating too much of it! haha…. Not everyone likes the cake to be so rich though but Pei & I love it.

Rustic look of flowing dark chocolate ganache.

I can’t help it! I always have this pose.

Ah…. showing off my beautiful flowers.

I guess when you reach my age, you don’t really fancy big parties. A simple cake and being with family is the most important.

Dinner was amazing too. We went to The Deanery for a lovely meal. I don’t remember the name of the dishes that we ordered but they were all delicious and then we even saved some room for dessert too. I had Passionfruit Bombe Alaska. Yum!

I also received a lovely present in the mail from my nephew, LiLi and brother. Thank you!

Thanks everyone for making my birthday a memorable one.

Hehe…. best photo… makes you wonder who’s birthday is it really?

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  1. Pei says:

    That was a great day! Anymore birthdays anytime soon?

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