Puana’s wedding make up & hair

When people talk about work, its normally about how much they hate it or how they wish they didn’t have to go to work. Well, I too sometimes feel lazy and tired of working but there are also times when I really enjoy my work! This here is one of my favorite jobs. I did a make up and hair updo for this client of mine for her engagement last year and she was pleased with my work and therefore she booked me to do her make up  and hair again for her wedding this year. It feels great when the client is happy with my work. She gave me a lot of flexibility and confidence to do what I thought was suitable for her. I had so much fun doing her make up and she made the job a little easier by being a beautiful young girl with big sparkly eyes! I don’t think I have ever seen anyone with such long and thick lashes before. I was so lucky that day because my sister was kind enough to be my personal photographer and took some really beautiful photos. Thanks Pei and also thanks to Puana for allowing me to post photos of you here.

This is Puana before make up. Beautiful right?

In the process of becoming more beautiful.

Those are real lashes…..

Done with the make up.


Me and Puana.

Lets get busy with the hair now. I look so serious…… hehehe….

I am happy with the hair…. now I can smile….

Just a little touch up.

Now I am waiting for Puana to send me some nice photos of her in her saree so that I can post them here! 🙂

Once again…. big thanks to Puana for giving me the chance to enjoy my work so much that day.(6th November 2011)


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