12.12.12 A good day

My first ever post was on 11.11.11 and see how fast time flies. I know I keep saying that but that is how I feel. Today is 12.12.12! I just had to do a quick post to mark the day.

Today is a good day for me. Woke up feeling happy without knowing why. I did’t even know that it was 12.12.12 until Kendall messaged me to wish me a good day. Walking to school in the cool morning weather in my shorts felt so energising. I was just singing to myself softly as I walked. I couldn’t help but smile at almost everyone I saw. Those strangers must be wondering what was wrong with me, it is not even Friday yet. Well, I was just spreading some joy.

Had the most fun in class today. Did a wedding cake and decorated it with lots of chocolate. We played with modelling paste, marzipan and fondant. Did a few roses with marzipan and was really pleased with the roses. After maybe 4 failed attempts, I finally got it right. It was quite pretty, don’t you think? ┬áNot exactly how I would like my wedding cake to be but it was still pretty considering it was our first attempt. The cake was yum too!

Very soon 2012 will be over. It has been a really challenging year for me. Never thought that I will come back to Australia to study again. Maybe that is why people say “Never say Never” Anything can happen in life. I made some really nice friends here and kept the old friends close at heart. You guys may be far but never forgotten. I hope 2013 will be a great year for everyone. Wishing everyone good health and lots of happiness. Smile more!

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  1. It looks great! But can you make me a real wedding cake, with fruit cake and almond paste and white marzipan? No-one has that at their weddings any more and it’s years since I’ve had some.

  2. Rachel says:

    Wow! Nice cake! Looks elegant!

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