10 years flew by

How fast time flies…. It is almost the end of 2012 and sometimes I still think that it is 2011. Is it just me or do you feel the same too? I guess I have been so busy these past few years that I didn’t realise how time has just gone by so quickly. It makes me wonder how I became who I am today. How much I have changed and how much of me is still the same.

I have always been lucky to have someone in the family who loves to take photographs. My dad took so many photos of me when I was a kid. Now,my sister is an avid photographer herself. She is a self taught photographer and has been taking lots of beautiful photos for some time now. She has nice landscape photos of so many mountains, waterfalls and deserts. She has amazing macro shots of flowers, bugs and even lizards. I have been waiting for her to start taking portraits and finally the time has come. Take a look at Pei’s blog to see some really nice portraits of herself.

I was the lucky sister because I got to be the model. I can’t say that I am good at modelling so she didn’t have much to work with. Ha Ha. But I think she did a wonderful job because I was very pleased with how some of the photos came out.

Remember what I said about how fast time flies? When we were looking at the photos, I started to think back of how I used to look. So I searched for my old photos and found some. I can see some differences and some things that just don’t change.

Lets look at year 2002 first…..

A few new friends that I met recently didn’t believe that I was once chubby. Well this is when I wasn’t at my chubbiest stage but as you can see I was quite rounded. No one should ever see my really chubby photos, I won’t want to hurt their eyes. Ha Ha. Thinking back to 2002, I was still a student studying in college and life was simple and carefree. My parents provided me with everything, I had my freedom at a young age. All I needed to do was concentrate on my studies but I guess I just wasn’t made out to be an accountant, therefore I am not one today. I am really lucky to have great parents who didn’t pressure me to continue something that I didn’t enjoy doing.

Now lets look at 2012…..

2012, I feel like I am 25…. but if I am 25 now that will mean I was 15 then in 2002!! Age is just a number! A decade has gone by and what have I achieved in life? What have I learnt? No great achievements, I am afraid but I learnt that life has more meaning to it now. It made me appreciate people around me more. I learnt that life is complicated but it is ok, I am a SIMple girl. There is a balance! Today, I am again a student. No… I wasn’t studying for 10 years but I only recently found my passion. I am doing a patisserie course and I am loving it! Thanks to my sister for encouraging me to take up the course and my parents for being so supportive and of course, Kendall for letting me stay here.

Life is a learning process and I will always be a student.

Ending this post with a quote from Dalai Lama ” The Purpose of Life is to be Happy!”


3 Comments on “10 years flew by”

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  2. Rachel says:

    Firstly, I commend the good gene that you got from your parents!

    Secondly, I commend the food diet you consume that makes you skin radiant and ‘never grow old’. It must be those ‘never grow old’ food!

    Thirdly, I’m sooooo jealous and wonder how can one person wouldn’t grow old or grow older with the years pass by.

    Lastly, please share with me the secret to retain youth. Shhhh only tell me, please don’t tell others :p

    • chenchensim says:

      HaHa… thanks Rachel.
      I guess I got to thank my parents for the good genes. Food probably got to thank Pei because she cooks most of the time.
      Hey, you look gorgeous and don’t need any secret remedy. Just keep doing what you are doing!

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